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(VIDEO) How to Get Office Equipment Repaired

Save time and make just one phone call for repairs.

May 22, 2020


Do you have financial or office equipment that needs repair?

BLM Technologies offers cost-effective, customizable repair and maintenance solutions designed to keep your payment and transaction hardware working for your business. We repair and maintain printers, check scanners/joggers, transaction printers, instant issuance EMV printers, payment terminals and digital signage. Our services are tailored to your unique business requirements.


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TRANSCRIPT: It can be tough to get your most critical business hardware repaired quickly, and juggling all the contracts, warranties, and manufacturers can be a huge strain on your IT staff. They might need to call Lexmark to have a printer repaired, Ricoh to check a copier’s warranty, and even find a local technician to schedule an appointment for an on-site fix.

That’s a lot of phone calls and a lot of time spent — and the broken equipment is down for every second of it.

At BLM Technologies, we understand that your technology was a serious investment you made to keep your business growing and your customers happy. That’s why we’ve simplified the process with tailored, flexible, and reliable on-site and break-fix repair solutions. With just one call, you can get your equipment back up and running in no time.

Here’s how easy it can be when you have BLM as your repair partner: First, you’ll submit a service request via email, toll-free number, or our secure web portal. Then, in as little as four hours, we’ll either give you a call to help troubleshoot the issue or set up a time to visit for a repair. And that’s it.

With just one call, BLM can help repair every make, model, and type of office equipment, from printers and laptops to scanners and digital screens. Our licensed technicians are vetted through a rigorous qualification process and 18-point background check, and they’re also experts with all the leading brands. That means we’re more than capable of solving your biggest hardware headaches, and we do it all as simply, quickly, and cost-effectively as possible.

Whether that’s through troubleshooting, repairing, or replacing the problem equipment, our focus is always on keeping the process as simple as possible for you. Plus, we can manage your equipment proactively. By monitoring your device usage, we can arrive just in time to change the toner before it’s scheduled to run out.

The best part?

With customizable plans and service level agreements, BLM Technologies has the capabilities to serve any type of customer, whether you’re a large corporation with over twenty thousand devices, a medium-sized company with thousands of devices, or a smaller business with just a few hundred. Whatever your business needs, BLM is ready to provide it — and we’re certain that no one can beat our service. If you’re ready to simplify your equipment repair process, we’re ready to help.

Contact our Technology Specialists today at 888-287-4186, Send us an email at, or visit us on the web at

Get a free repair assessment 

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