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On-Site Tech Support for Remote Workers

Outsourced remote and on-site support can reduce downtime without the overhead of in-house techs.

August 31, 2021

Every organization is unique, and so are its technology needs. Finding support options for remote support, response contracts, on-site technicians, or any combination is crucial for any business.  

With an uptick in employees working from home, on-site support for your remote employees is becoming increasingly important. Remote and on-site support can reduce downtime and the requirements, saving everyone time and money, and in response, BLM Technologies is expanding our services to accommodate such needs.  

Read on to learn all about remote and on-site tech support and how BLM Technologies can help. 

Remote IT Support

An on-site technician is not always necessary. When adequately executed, off-site support can solve most issues. Remote service provides technicians with valuable insight into what is going on at the off-site location. It may also provide a means of making changes or resetting the system when necessary.

When considering remote services, the volume of off-site employees plays a key role. It tends to work well in boardrooms, classrooms, etc., when remote technicians can see pieces of a system, assess data points, and make informed decisions when to intervene remotely or prompt on-site support.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) 

Remote monitoring and management is also a common solution for remote IT support. A managed service provider (MSP) installs software onto your workstations, mobile devices, and servers to continually monitor these endpoints. RMM helps MSPs identify issues before they become a larger issue and provide remote maintenance when needed. 

Contactless Repair

Contactless repair is now a part of most off-site support options. Contactless repair, also known as depot repair, is a service that allows businesses to ship malfunctioning equipment to a certified repair facility. The repair technicians then diagnose all possible equipment faults, repair the issues, and ship the technology back in working order. This service allows you to forego meeting an on-site technician to have your equipment repaired. 

Cons of Remote IT Support

  • Your company may not feel that you get the dedicated support you need from the support provider. 
  • When there's a problem with your physical hardware, you will still need an IT support technician to be there to fix it physically. For example, remote support is challenging if the device that needs troubleshooting has no network connection or fails to boot.
  • When someone receives remote support via the phone, there's also the risk of fraud. Criminals often pose as support technicians to gain access to an organization's systems. 

On-site IT Support

On-site support offers in-person services at your business or remote location, such as an employee's home. This option is best when off-site support is unavailable or infeasible. The primary benefit is that on-site support can address hardware issues. However, on-site support can take longer and be more expensive than remote support.

On-site technicians can provide a temporary or full-time resource at the location, which significantly reduces the response time when there is an issue with a system. Some organizations may decide that any significant interruption is unacceptable, in which case on-site support could be the answer.

Benefits of On-site IT Support 

  • Flexibility: You can choose which services you would like assistance with. Many organizations use on-site IT services to assist with specific projects, like setting up a new office location. This way, the IT support team will help for a set amount of time or a specific project. However, you may also opt for recurring on-site support for some services. 
  • Minimize downtime: On-site IT services can help your team quickly resolve outages and issues. The provider can dispatch several technicians to different locations to help you solve IT issues at several locations at once. 
  • Improve technical processes: On-site IT support will also help your team streamline technical processes with a standardized approach. This will boost productivity and help reduce the strain on your IT team.

With on-site IT support, you can access specialized and expert IT professionals who can assure that issues are detected and fixed promptly. In any business, the sooner you can get things back up and running, the better. Technical delays can result in a loss of business, so the promptness of on-site IT support can make or break your bottom line. Additionally, on-site support is more convenient than disconnecting all equipment and taking it to a repair shop.


Hardware repair often requires someone to be there to physically do the work. If the server goes down, someone is there immediately to get it running again. Phones not working? You don't have to wait on your cell phone for what seems like hours while someone miles away tries to figure out what has gone wrong.

On-site IT services support technical issues while giving you peace of mind and a little less stress in your day. For larger business equipment that cannot be easily shipped or moved, on-site repair solutions can get your equipment back up and running quickly and reduce costly downtime. 

Having your hardware repaired by a licensed, certified technician who is vetted through a rigorous qualification process, and able to tailor repairs to your unique business requirements is important when looking for the right company to provide your on-site IT support. 

What to Look for in an On-Site IT Company

When critical equipment goes down, a business should only need to only complete one service request by toll-free calling, email, or using a secure web portal any time, any day of the year.

That service call leads to the dispatch of local vetted technicians who arrive quickly to assess the product needing repair and provide the necessary parts and service to get the equipment running again. On-site technicians need to be trained to troubleshoot software solutions and provide solutions that allow businesses to proactively schedule the deliveries of essential maintenance, parts, and equipment that help avoid future breakdowns.

Businesses looking to have an on-site repair option that takes the pressure off their in-house IT staff and saves the company bottom line should look for a service provider capable of providing the following:

  • Customizable agreements
  • Rapid qualified technician deployment
  • Convenient on-site service with comprehensive hardware and software assessment
  • Fast and affordable break-fixes

Quick turn, customizable on-site repair is no longer the luxury of big-city corporations. Every business, anywhere in the country can now get any make, model, and type of office equipment fixed with one call by one company.

Which Service to Choose

In some cases, a blend of remote and on-site solutions can be the best option. For example, when pairing on-site with remote service, the ability to provide constant remote monitoring helps alert on-site technicians of any issues requiring immediate attention, even when working in entirely different locations.

BLM Technology offers consultative expertise and business-driven solutions that go beyond managing, monitoring, and hosting. In addition to excellent off-site tech support, we are now offering on-site tech support for remote workers. 

We deliver a cost-effective solution to formulate and manage your IT infrastructure and maintain a high level of secured performance. BLM's full suite of solutions enables our clients to grow their business and mitigate risk & compliance while assuredly operating their environment.

BLM Technology gives you the on-demand support you can count on. Through our on-site and in-home programs, we provide:

  • Service solutions nationwide
  • A simple repair process that only takes one call for any make, model, or type of broken device
  • Fully trained technicians, authorized by all major equipment and device manufacturers
  • Custom repair plans, including flat rate, time plus materials, or contracted service plans
  • Support for in-warranty and out-of-warranty equipment
  • Improved equipment uptime with fast repairs, including next day replacement

BLM offers a range of flexible support options, making it easy to get the help you need right when you need it. Contact us today!

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