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Winning Partnership with Equips in the Financial Industry

BLM Technologies was recently featured on the Equips website for our winning partnership.

September 9, 2019

As a provider of complete technology solutions, BLM Technologies assists other providers to create the best customer outcome. Our recent partnership with Equips, a solution provider for the financial industry, demonstrates the efficacy of such ventures.

“BLM has helped solve some of Equips’ client’s problems, corrected shipping errors, and found alternative lower rates for products. BLM worked with Equips to set up and ensure pricing on a specific set of toners for PenFed Credit Union that allowed us to continue a smooth process flow of submitting consumables orders for a selection of printers that would have otherwise had to be done manually by the service team from another provider. Their willingness to work with Equips and offer fair and competitive pricing on toner allowed for a continuation of a smooth flow of consumable ordering for all parties involved.”

In addition to creating a streamlined process for ordering consumables, BLM Technologies deployed FlexForce certified technicians to assist in hardware maintenance for Equips. This complete solution of hardware, service and project management makes joining forces with BLM Technologies a winning partnership.

The full article can be found on the Equips website. 


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