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Sound Masking: Savior of Privacy and Productivity?

Although frequently cut from building budgets, it has become increasingly indispensable.

April 10, 2020

BLM Technologies was recently featured in Sound & Communications for our work with sound masking. This technology promotes open office productivity and keeps privileged information private, areas that many companies can benefit from. In some cases, it’s a “really nice to have”; in other instances, it’s a legal requirement.
Sound masking, however, is commonly cut from the initial budgets of new buildings; then, later on, it’s found to be necessary. This can lead to second-rate sound control that’s full of hotspots and cold spots, leaving sections of a space in worse shape than if they had no masking at all. The good news is that sound masking is not difficult to implement, whether for newly designed spaces or when retrofitted into existing ones. When sound masking is properly planned and installed, its effects can be dramatic, not only for your staff’s productivity but also for ensuring privacy-law compliance.
Read the full article on Sound & Communications.

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