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Retrofitting University Buildings for Sound Masking

BLM Technologies Director of Commercial AV, Jeff Johnson, featured in Spaces4Learning on sound masking project for the University of Minnesota.

October 15, 2020

One of our favorite uses for sound masking is retrofitting a space. Our most recent installation transformed a 1920s music hall into 2020s office space for the University of Minnesota

Like a lot of schools, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus is replete with historic architecture. From dormitories and classrooms, student unions and libraries, to theaters and arts venues, they were not just constructed to provide students with learning facilities. The buildings themselves were meant to leave a profound impression for generations to come.

And, while their foundations and presence have survived the tests of time, their uses have often changed. Evolving a nineteenth-century building to meet twenty-first century needs poses a laundry list of challenges.

Find out how BLM Technologies helped Scott Hall overcome these challenges with sound masking. Read the full article on Spaces4Learning.


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