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Keeping Contractors Happy Is Daunting, But It Can Be Done

Kevin Flaherty, CEO of BLM Technologies, was recently featured in Channel Partners.

October 10, 2019

Contract workers play an integral role in the success of many industries. When full-time employees aren’t required, contractors are able to step in to get a job done right—if only for a day. However, for all its benefits, the contractor model doesn’t come without its challenges. Kevin Flaherty, CEO of BLM Technologies, discusses how to keep contract workers happy while also keeping promises to the customer.

So, your contractor has proven to be competent, trustworthy and able to work independently and effectively in a customer’s office or in the field. You want that person to stay, and you face the challenge of keeping them happy. In the era of the millennial worker, you’ve got an additional challenge: trying to make them happy in nontraditional ways. What’s now well known about millennials is that this demographic has set a new standard when it comes to work, values, and lifestyle. The days of taking a job with an eye on salary and benefits are going away; millennials value flexibility and experiences over pay and benefits packages. So, what’s your best chance at keeping contractors, millennials and otherwise, happy? In my experience, it’s all-around expectations.

The full article can be found on the Channel Partners blog.


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