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How EMV Card Printers Can Benefit Most Businesses

A look at how EMV has grown in the U.S. and how instant issuance EMV card printers can be used outside of the financial industry to drive growth.

June 17, 2019

After a massive surge of data breaches in 2014, which left millions of Americans at risk of identity theft, most businesses in the U.S. quickly became familiar with EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) smart cards or chip cards.

That’s because, in response to the wave of fraud that was sweeping the nation, there was a liability shift in October 2015 which placed the cost of card-present fraud back on the retailer or card issuer, rather than the card holder, if the business hadn’t upgraded to EMV technology. A deadline for replacing magnetic strip card readers with EMV technology was also set for 2020. That meant businesses needed to upgrade their systems quickly if they wanted to avoid fines from fraudulent charges — and many already have.

EMV Since 2015

Thanks to this shift, card-present counterfeit fraud has decreased greatly in the U.S., but it has not been without its growing pains. Some of the most significant challenges merchants faced with the initial implementation of EMV was the decrease in checkout speed and the cost of the technology. It has also been a challenge for some businesses to transfer their benefits programs over to EMV.

However, despite the challenges, EMV technology continues to improve and perform better (even in the face of mobile payments), and the drastically improved security of EMV cards has been a boon. With the 2020 deadline for EMV technology adoption around the corner, the question is no longer, “Should we implement EMV?” Now, the question is, “How can we use EMV to improve our business and enhance customer experience?”

The question is no longer, “Should we implement EMV?” Now, the question is, “How can we use EMV to improve our business and enhance customer experience?”

Prior to EMV Card Printers

In the past, the process to receive a new magnetic strip debit or credit card was packed with wait times and inconvenience. The traditional process looked something like this:

  1. The customer would travel to the bank
  2. They would order a new card
  3. They would wait seven to ten business days to receive the card
  4. The customer would return to the bank to assign a new PIN
  5. Then, they would usually have to call or go online to activate the card

Now, EMV card printers are greatly improving customer experience by allowing bankers to offer instant EMV card issuance. That means that a customer can walk into their bank and receive a brand-new debit or credit card in minutes — not days.

How EMV Card Printers Benefit Financial Customers

EMV cards offer a host of benefits to banking customers, especially when those financial institutions are utilizing instant issuance card printers.

  • No wait time (compared to seven to ten days)
  • Immediate activation and purchasing power
  • Instant replacement of lost or stolen cards
  • Personal PIN selection at issuance

EMV Card Printers Outside the Financial Industry

While nearly every business owner understands the need for EMV checkout technology in their business, few outside of the financial industry have recognized the potential of instant EMV card printers and learned to capitalize on their capabilities. The truth is, EMV card printers have applications in almost every industry across the country, from retail and hospitality to education and healthcare.

Here are some ways industries outside of financial can harness the potential of EMV card printers:

  • Education

    • To ensure safety, colleges, universities, and even high schools often require students and faculty to have identification and key cards which allow them access to various campus locations. With EMV card printers, educational institutions could instantly provide students and faculty with cards that combine access control, ID, and even transactional applications in a single card. This improves efficiencies, enhances both student and faculty experience, and ensures the same level of security as stand-alone access cards.

  • Retail

    • EMV card printers allow retailers to immediately create active credit cards for customers. This not only improves customer experience by providing instant purchasing power, it also ensures 100% card activation (in an industry where card activation sits just below 60%). This also offers retailers a valuable opportunity to connect with cardholders in person, increasing customer affinity and enabling cross-promotional selling.
  • Government & Medical

    • Few things are more important to government and medical facilities than security. Instant EMV card printers can be vital to enhancing the security of these institutions by providing employees, visitors, vendors, and clients with secure access cards, ID cards, and even debit cards.
  • Transportation & Hospitality

    • Similar to retail, EMV card printers can instantly provide customers and visitors with secure gift, loyalty, and prepaid cards. Rather than force the card holder to call or go online to activate their card, businesses can provide ready-to-use cards. This not only improves customer experience, but it also encourages immediate purchases. And, since employees have the opportunity to connect with customers and drive promotions during the card creation, it can be easy to boost sales.

The truth is, EMV card printers have applications in almost every industry across the country, from retail and hospitality to education and healthcare.


EMV card printers are already greatly improving customers’ experiences in banks, but their potential stretches far outside the financial industry. For businesses that offer credit, debit, loyalty, ID, access, or even gift cards, EMV card printers present a unique, affordable, and flexible option for increasing customer and employee experience, cutting down on wait times, promoting spend, and ensuring card activation. Whether you work in banking, retail, healthcare, or education, one thing is for certain — EMV is here to stay for quite some time.

Learn more about making this technology work for your business in our white paper, “From Chaos to Confidence: Mastering Instant EMV Issuance.


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