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(VIDEO) FlexForce Repair by BLM Technologies

Save time and make just one phone call for repairs.

October 16, 2020

BLM Technologies offers cost-effective, customizable repair and maintenance solutions designed to keep your payment and transaction hardware working for your business. We repair and maintain printers, check scanners/joggers, transaction printers, payment terminals and digital signage. Our services are tailored to your unique business requirements.

With one call, you can get all your equipment repaired! Find out how easy device repair can be with BLM Technologies' FlexForce program. Learn which repair solution is right for your business.


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Uptime is critical to keeping your business running smoothly. So, when devices do go down, it pays to have easy access to the flexible repair services you need.

That’s why there’s FlexForce.

With two convenient repair options, and a nationwide network of thousands of highly trained and vetted technicians, FlexForce makes it easy to get your devices back up and running smoothly. Here’s how it works: When your equipment goes down, we’ll help you determine the service option that’s right for you.

On-site repair is perfect for big, heavy office equipment, or devices that can’t be easily shipped. After you’ve established an on-site repair contract, just give our team a call. In as little as four hours, a FlexForce-certified technician will respond to your request and get the repair process rolling.

For devices that weigh less than 50 pounds and can be easily shipped, depot repair is a great choice. Simply pack up your broken equipment and ship it to our FlexForce team. We’ll complete the repairs and get the device back to you within the timeframe you select.

And if you need repairs even faster, advanced unit exchange can get you a replacement device by the next business day. Just get in touch with our team and let us know what equipment went down. We’ll get a replacement device out the door for you, and when it arrives, ship your broken equipment back to us in the same box. It’s that easy.

Our hand-selected technicians maintain certifications from all the leading OEMs, and that means we can repair most makes, models, and types of equipment — whether they’re in warranty or not. So, are your repair needs big or small? Do you need help on the east coast or somewhere out west? Are you looking for a next day replacement, or do you need someone on site next week?

Whatever the case may be, FlexForce is here to help. Ready to get the on-demand repair service you need? Get in touch with one of our technology experts today to discover how simple, flexible, and fast FlexForce repair can be.

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