A Complete Guide to Healthcare Digital Signage

White Paper

Since the early 2000s, the popularity and utilization of digital signage has grown like wildfire, with nearly every industry across the globe adopting the technology in one form or another. As of May 2019, Grand View Research predicted the global digital signage market to reach $31.71 billion by 2025, driven predominantly by the retail and healthcare markets. The question then becomes, “Why the extraordinary, exponential growth?” In short, it’s because digital signage works. 

This white paper explains how digital signage has been proven time and again to be one of the most powerful, cost-effective, and transformative communications technologies on the market — impacting nearly every industry on the planet, including healthcare.


  • The greatest pitfall of any digital signage strategy is improper planning
  • Lack of cross-departmental buy-in can lead to underutilized or underperforming digital signage
  • Few resources exist detailing the actual process of digital signage implementation


  • It’s important to build a dedicated cross-departmental team prior to initializing a digital signage strategy
  • Having a trusted digital signage partner is crucial to an efficient and cost-effective implementation
  • Digital signage strategies do not end at installation; they must include ongoing content creation and support plans



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