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Mastering EMV Card Issuance

From Chaos to Confidence

August 27, 2018

Financial institutions everywhere are making the final press to bring their credit and debit card systems into compliance with the new EMV regulations. And with every institution now having the advantage of this extremely secure card technology, more financial institutions are looking for any advantage possible to get ahead of the competition. Instant EMV issuance is an innovative way to enhance portfolio offerings, with huge benefits to both financial institution and customers. However, there are a few moving parts that must be mastered in order to ensure you achieve the maximum ROI. Our white paper, "From Chaos to Confidence: Mastering Instant EMV Issuance", will help you embrace this new technology for your financial institution — while keeping your sanity intact. The white paper goes into detail about everything you need to know to master instant EMV issuance, including:

  • The Science of EMV-Chipped Cards
  • How EMV Cards Benefit Customers — And Your Financial Institution
  • How to Set Your Financial Institution Apart in a Post-Compliance World
  • Why Instant Issuance is the Smart Choice for Financial institution Innovators
  • How to Launch Instant Issuance in Your Financial institution

EMV cards are here to stay. It’s important that your financial institution begin leveraging every tool at your disposal to gain the advantage in the new chipped-card financial institution world. Instant EMV issuance gives you that advantage by allowing you to provide your customers with safe, quick and easy access to a brand new, compliant debit or credit card right within their branch of choice. Even better, Instant EMV will help save your financial institution money on card replacement while also adding revenue through increased spend and activation rates. Download our white paper to learn more about the benefits of instant EMV issuance and how your FI can master it.


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