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How to Deliver Large-Scale IT Projects on Time

A simple guide to tackling large-scale IT projects by outsourcing.

February 4, 2019

“The only thing certain in life is change.” This quote by the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus
could just as easily have come from one of the many proactive IT leaders of modern day.

It’s no secret. Sooner or later, every IT department faces the challenge of managing some type of large-scale IT project. Those daunting tasks that require critical changes that can disrupt your everyday IT operational status quo, such as corporate-wide software upgrades, new equipment installations, new security protocol, lifecycle replacement plans, adding office locations, departmental moves, and much more.

The Challenge with Large IT Projects

According to many industry studies, there is often a greater failure rate in completing large-scale projects on time and as specified. Bigger projects come with higher stakes if not completed on time, and the sheer scope of the work can prove to be extremely difficult to manage. They also demand even more time and focused effort from what already tends to be an understaffed and overworked IT department.

The Solution

The good news is there are measures you can take to help ensure your project’s success. Careful planning, goal setting, managing stakeholders, and communicating strategy are all part of completing a successful project. Still arguably, one of the most critical needs of all to keeping your project on time is having the right team in place with the expertise needed to leverage the right technology.

Before moving forward, you’ll need to ask yourself some tough but important questions:

  • Is this a project my in-house team should handle?
  • Do we have the tools and expertise we need to solve the technology issues?
  • Would outsourcing save us time and money?

If you determine your company lacks the necessary IT personnel to execute critical project deliverables and your permanent staff doesn’t have the expertise to tackle the large-scale project initiatives, outsourcing project management to an experienced IT partner is a win/win solution.

Many companies determine that outsourcing project management to a specialized IT expert to oversee critical large-scale projects, such as IT architecture and infrastructure, functionality, migration, and rollouts, is key to a successful project delivery strategy.

Engaging the services of an IT outsourcing partner can save you a considerable amount of time in planning, staffing up, implementing, and many other project management responsibilities necessary for success.

Some Key Benefits of Outsourcing:

Faster Project Completion

Time is money. Your IT outsourcing partner is solely focused on your project and can hire top-level project team members as needed.  As someone who works by the project, your outsourcing partner has the incentive to complete your work on or before the deadline. They want your referral and repeat business.

Reduced Costs

You pay only for services and manpower you need for the time you need it, giving you the flexibility to grow or scale down accordingly. Plus, you don’t have to pay to onboard new employees or top-level project managers to fulfill the project requirements.


Outsourcing enables you to access skills and expertise that may simply not be available internally or through local hiring. It gives you the option to go beyond your local area and seek out world-class talent. These IT specialists are dedicated to being on top of the latest advances in technology, boasting years of experience and contacts to benefit your job.

Improved Management and ROI

Outsourcing project management allows you and your in-house team to remain focused on your core competencies, your important daily tasks, and maintenance responsibilities. You aren’t spending your valuable time handling the involved, day-to-day requirements of the project — that’s your outside IT partner’s job.

When it comes to tackling large, complex, or specialized IT projects, outsourcing from a trusted IT partner can save you and your team both time and money. It can also help ensure the success of your large-scale IT projects.

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