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5 Reasons for Instant EMV Issuance

EMV is Good for your Customers and Good for You

August 28, 2017

In an increasingly real-time world, consumer demand for instant gratification is key to outstanding experiences.

For financial institutions, this means processing and providing customers with buying power faster than fast.

The gap between customer demand and institution delivery equals lost revenue. When a customer walks into your branch office looking for a new account or to replace a lost or stolen EMV card, they want instant satisfaction. If they could wait, most would reach out online.

Take advantage of this situation.

To the walk-in customer, your Instant EMV card issuance already sold you as the primary financial source over the online-only competition. This can literally get them in the door creating a new customer or increasing loyalty with an existing customer. Now is your chance to cross sell everything you offer.

Offer instant EMV card issuance and you can pull ahead of your competition.

5 ways your customers benefit when you offer instant EMV

1. Instant satisfaction

Having a debit or credit card printed instantly, onsite allows your customer to replace a lost, stolen or expired card immediately, as opposed to the painfully slow, seven- to 10-day wait time experienced through central card issuance.

2. Immediate purchasing power

Walking out of the branch with a new card gives the consumer immediate purchase power, which can have a tremendously positive psychological impact.

3. 100% activation

Printing on site also means activating in person, while your customer is in the branch. No more putting the card in a drawer, having to call an 800 number or go online sometime to get it working.

4. Personalized PINs

PIN codes can be chosen by your customer while in the branch during the setup process.

5. Unique card designs

Customized card designs offered by leading instant issuance solutions from fintech leaders like Panini, allows clients to personalize their method of payment in a way that is truly theirs.

5 ways you benefit by offering instant EMV

1. 100% activation

With an industry activation rate of under 60% for credit and debit cards issued centrally, the potential for 100% of cards to be activated on the spot is a real, tangible return on the investment for an instant issuance solution. This means consumers will be able to use their cards as soon as they leave the branch, generating immediate revenue.

2. Foot traffic

One of the key issues with the evolving retail bank industry is the lack of foot traffic in the bank. With instant issuance, your customers have a compelling need to return to the branch. This gives your trained teller staff an opportunity to cross-sell them on other products, services or simply strengthen the relationship and build loyalty.

3. New location opportunities

Employing this technology allows you to think outside the branch with card production in non-traditional environments, such as within retailers, airports, universities, etc.

4. Cost savings

Moving away from central card issuance to instant issuance means reduced costs on card carriers, PIN mailers and 800 number services.

5. Rock star status

Offering instant EMV issuance differentiates you in the marketplace, giving you a bump in your cool factor, gaining loyalty and mindshare. This is particularly true for the millennial generation who is looking for tech trends that fit their lifestyle and have a lifetime of banking ahead of them.

Choose your partner wisely

Instant EMV issuance may be the best upgrade you’ll offer. Choose your Instant EMV issuance hardware partner well.

What you should look for in an Instant EMV issuance hardware provider:

  • Turnkey solutions designed for EMV by EMV experts with real-time EMV data prep, issuance software, cards and profiles
  • Fast and seamless magnetic strip to EMV migration
  • Best-in-class security at all steps of the process
  • Scalable service that allows quick and easy connection of additional branches
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Easy setup and administration for minimal employee training
  • Comprehensive range of printer technology; retransfer, direct-to-card and embossing
  • Full integration with EMV card customization tools to manage artwork galleries
  • Educational materials that help the cardholders understand how to use their new EMV card


In summary, your goal is always to enrich the experience of your customer. We get that. By offering instant gratification with an immediately active debit or credit card when your customer needs it makes great business sense. And the added bonus is that it simplifies your internal processes as well.


Panini Cardmint FX EMV printer


About the Author

Greg Richardson is the Strategic Channel Manager at Panini. For more than a decade, he has been a part of product launches and global marketing initiatives for large, multi-national organizations. Today he focuses on developing relationships and executing sales initiatives for Panini North America.


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