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June 12, 2020

Trusted by our customers for more than 40 years, BLM Technologies is an industry leader dedicated to providing cost-effective and turn-key total tech solutions. We provide you with innovative and complete solutions for IT Services, AV and Digital Signage, Break-Fix and Repair, Hardware, Installation Services, Maintenance and Warranty, and Technical Expertise.

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Technology. It drives business. It improves efficiencies. It’s a beautiful thing…until it decides not to work.

When technology breaks down or isn’t performing at its best, our vulnerabilities become clear, and the modern workplace comes to a grinding halt. IT professionals and operations managers face those challenges every day. And those are the challenges BLM Technologies is committed to solving.

Since 1974, BLM Technologies has focused on constant innovation, and through that hard work, we’ve become a total technology solutions provider that offers scalable support and customized solutions to a huge variety of industries. Could you use a trusted partner that can provide your business with a diverse range of solutions — things like IT security and support, hardware, repair and fulfillment services, and even project management? With BLM Technologies, your business could get all that — plus so much more.

Today, our wide range of expertise empowers us to provide services like: Tailored, flexible, and reliable on-site and break-fix repair solutions; Audiovisual technology solutions like digital signage; A technician labor force with reach anywhere in the continental U.S. to help with upgrades, installations, moves, projects, and more. Depot Repair — the nation's leading small device repair program; Fulfillment solutions from an expert team that manages all aspects of your warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping needs; And custom IT solutions designed to augment your existing team and perfectly fit your need and your budget.

The best part? That’s only the beginning of what BLM Technologies can provide. With four strategically located facilities and thousands of trained IT professionals across the U.S., BLM can provide total technology solutions to customers anywhere in the nation. We’ve spent decades building strategic partnerships with trusted vendors that allow us to rapidly provide hardware, software, and support to customers far and wide.

So, whether you need a repair service in Oregon or a fulfillment solution in Maryland, BLM’s technology expertise is only a quick phone call away.

We’re honored to serve some of the largest organizations in nation, including multiple fortune 500 companies and nine of the top ten U.S. banks. But our expert team is equally committed to delivering expert service and support to small businesses. Because we understand that customers of every size need help making the right technology decisions.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today for more information about our total technology solutions and how BLM Technologies can help support your most critical business needs.

Learn more about how we can help

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