Why Your Brand Needs Digital Signage

May 24, 2019

Whether you’re a consumer-focused business or a company serving enterprise needs, digital signage is a tool for boosting communication, engagement, and productivity.

Digital signage is a tool that enhances your brand.

Instead of traditional static signs that can quickly become overlooked, digital signs are a dynamic tool for interacting with customers, displaying media-rich content, and quickly changing and managing messaging for both customers and employees.

If you still aren’t convinced of the benefits of digital signage compared to traditional signs, it’s time to consider how upgrading to this technology could uplift your brand and help you more effectively convey your larger marketing message.

Here are some of the top reasons why every company needs to adopt digital signs.

Digital Signs Uplift Brand Image

Your signage is a reflection of your brand. Digital signage is an indicator that your brand is forward-thinking and focused on high-value results. By transitioning to digital solutions, you can elevate or maintain your brand image and preserve your brand equity with consumers and employees alike.

Your signage is a direct reflection of how your brand chooses to present itself. Opting for digital signs effects the messaging image, look, and feel of this marketing content, which in turn benefits your brand.

Further, the messages and content you display on your signs is more dynamic and interesting. By incorporating movement, powerful imagery, and color-correct graphics, your brand is displayed very professionally.

Improved Communication and Coordination

Whether your digital signs are customer-facing or employee-facing, they provide a valuable service in facilitating communication. Whether the content of signs relates to sales, promotions, store navigation, workplace reminders, or other information, these signs make it possible to relay information to a large, mobile group of people, giving them the information they need in the locations they need it.

By supporting communication within your business, you’re able to better coordinate activities in the organization. This can lead to improved workplace morale and greater productivity.

And with digital signage, you can take advantage of more real estate, in a dynamic environment. That just wasn’t the case in a static print environment, where a multitude of messages were, at times, crammed onto one size-limited display.

Centralized Control Keeps Messaging Consistent

Brand messaging has to be consistent. This means coordination not only between digital signage, but also between signs and other marketing content. A marketing manager can manage signs with much greater ease through a cloud-based solution that offers centralized control and instant editing.

Simply stated, when a sign needs to be changed, it’s done instantly from a desk – whether that desk is in an office, a home office, or beachside somewhere. Instead of running around manually swapping out signs, you can synchronize or customize your content from the comfort of your desk.

Management Across Multiple Locations

For businesses operating multiple locations, managing consistency across these physical divides can be a headache. But with digital signs in place, a single manager can oversee all of the signage at every location, and can adjust the displays on certain locations to make sure every sign is displaying the same message. Or, you can deploy custom messages at each location to capture a local event.

With a single click of a mouse, one administrator can see and/or change the images and content displayed on digital signs in retail environments, corporate offices, and anywhere else these signs have been installed.

In summary, enhancing your brand image with dynamic digital content, deployed from a central location, ensures your brand not only appears forward-thinking, but also consistent and accurate.

Isn’t it time to consider the investment?