Digital Signage for Restaurant Labeling

Jun 11, 2017

By May 7, 2018, the FDA will require restaurants list calorie information on menu boards and menus with a statement about suggested daily caloric intake.

Examples of foods that must have calorie information on display for the FDA labeling requirements for restaurants include:

  • Sit-down, take-out and drive-through window meals
  • Made-to-order sandwiches
  • Self-serve salad or hot food bars
  • Muffins at a bakery or coffee shop
  • Movie theater popcorn
  • Ice cream, milk shakes, and sundaes
  • Convenience store hot dogs or frozen drinks
  • Certain alcoholic beverages

Stay ahead of FDA labeling requirements for restaurants by preparing now with versatile and smart digital signage to display calorie information.

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Why Digital Signage?

Traditional signage typically involves design and print time to create static posters that then require additional time to distribute and display. If a change is needed, or a mistake is found, the only recourse is to redesign, reprint and redistribute – taking even more time and money.

With digital signage, you display menu items instantly. If there’s an update, change or a mistake, it can be on screen in moments.

Digital signage has many uses

FDA labeling requirements for restaurants are not the only use for digital signage in restaurants. With the right combination of signage, you can effectively communicate with your customers.

  • Promote menu items
  • Share upcoming events
  • Advertise additional locations
  • Spotlight staff
  • Wayfinding
  • Occupy waiting customers with RSS feeds of news and weather
  • Highlight community activities and charity events you sponsor

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