3 Critical Digital Signage Content Tips

May 9, 2017

You've decided digital signage is right for your organization, and now you're ready to prepare your content. But before you get too eager about how much you can put on that 55" screen, consider these 3 critical digital signage content tips.

Consider the Customer's Short Attention Span

Your buyer's attention span is...how do we say...extremely short. Knowing you are typically interrupting someone along another path versus getting them to stand in front of your screen for as long as you want, should drive what happens on the screen. In other words, keep your content narrowed down to the most important message you want them to see. After all, you only have 8.25 seconds.

digital signage content tip


Use Powerful Images

The resolution in today's commercial screens allows you to bring imagery to life like never before. Make sure you select your strongest images to draw your customer's attention to the bright and vibrant screen. You can also zoom or crop images in interesting ways to create more visual interest.

digital signage content tip


Simplicity Matters

Digital signage content shouldn't be complicated. When you combine a short attention span with powerful imagery, you must make a strategic consideration about the copy. Remember that the image will be noticed first and only then do you have a chance to capture your audience with a message. Keep your copy very simple, strong, easy to read, and related to the image on the screen.

digital signage content tip


We are usually tempted to use the real estate we have on a large screen to do a lot of things - because it can. But the idea here is to use the power of this dynamic form of visual communication to deliver your messages most effectively.

Remember how little time you have to captivate your audience. Combine that with the vibrancy enabled by the resolution of a quality commercial screen and simple messages and you're off to a great digital signage content start!

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